So how exactly does the term, “security-breach” sound? Frightening, right? Security threats have continue to evolve, and stopping them is a never-ending arms race, in which any breach in security can lead to serious consequences. Here at Ericsson, security analysts and experts are working on a threat-focused security program. Data Integrity is a fundamental component in providing cloud service offerings that secure greater business efficiencies while maintaining essential data security.

Mark Murphy of Ericsson’s Advanced Technology states that data integrity is a pivotal process – making sure data is good and hasn’t been tampered with. In the video, Murphy emphasizes how Ericsson data integrity is a very critical part in how data centers talk to each other, how clouds talk to each other, and, as data is expanded outwards, how to ensure it is secured.

The cloud infrastructure in its entirety supports the telecom cloud, the IT cloud, and the commercial cloud with the highest level of security and data integration. Ericsson cloud security enables businesses to secure and manage their content, while feeling confident and assured of their data’s complete history.

Also, read on how we get to a world of absolute data integrity. We examine a solution based on blockchain technology in this eBook:

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Tristan Esposo

Tristan Esposo works in Marketing & Communcations, Business Unit Cloud & IP at Ericsson focusing on Social Media. Over the years he has developed a strong understanding of where the technical world meets business.

Tristan Esposo