If you work in enterprise IT you’ve heard the phrases “cloud migration”, “application modernization” and “hybrid cloud” almost ad nauseum. But these IT trends aren’t just being discussed at industry trade shows anymore—now they are major initiatives for enterprise organizations across the globe.

So what are these initiatives? And what do they mean for you and your organization?

Cloud migration

The good news is that these trends are essentially talking about the same thing. Traditional infrastructure and applications are becoming more expensive to maintain and cloud infrastructure is offering affordable speed and scale. Bringing your existing applications to the cloud is called “cloud migration”.

Often times your existing applications aren’t able to run in a cloud environment due to dependencies on on-premises infrastructure so the application will need to undergo “modernization” in order to migrate to the cloud.

Hybrid cloud

And due to the significant investments enterprises have already made into their data centers, it doesn’t make economic sense to abandon on-premises infrastructure completely. They’ll need to manage on-premises and cloud infrastructure together to provide resources for new and existing applications in an environment called “hybrid cloud”.

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