In this post from ApceraChief Strategy Officer Mark Thiele talks about why you need a platform designed from the ground up to deploy, orchestrate and govern containers and legacy applications across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Enterprises stand at a crossroads. The industry is moving towards cloud infrastructure, cloud-native applications and containerized workloads. That’s the future. However, most enterprises built their business on legacy applications. And these legacy workloads make up the majority of business critical, revenue-generating applications. Migrating to the cloud and cloud-native applications can’t be taken lightly. Enterprises can’t turn their back on legacy applications.

You can’t win with two competing strategies

Unfortunately, most IT organizations are split. The vast majority of the organization (75-85%) is focused on maintaining security, mitigating risk and extending the life of current IT investments—”keeping the lights on”—while a growing percentage of the team is focused on adopting new technologies that drive innovation and performance. Gartner calls this split Bimodal IT where mode 1 focuses on the present and mode 2 focuses on the future. In fact, these two competing mindsets are such a part of the industry that IT teams and vendors identify themselves as supporting either mode 1 or mode 2.

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Mark Thiele

Mark Thiele’s successful career in IT spans 25 years and has focused on both operating roles and on driving cloud adoption across enterprises of all sizes. Mark has deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of the requirements of policy-driven cloud computing and drives cross-functional strategic initiatives as Chief Strategy Officer for Apcera. Prior to joining Apcera, Mark was the executive vice president of ecosystem development at Switch SUPERNAP, builders of the world’s highest-rated data centers. He is also the president and founder of Data Center Pulse, an organization created to promote best practices in the data center industry. Mark has held executive roles at HP, Gilead, VMware and Brocade and is a member of nonprofit groups including The Green Grid and Infrastructure 2.0, where he advocates for data center and cloud industry evolution.

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