No one doubts the benefits of digital transformation. Cloud giants have overwhelmingly proven that digital proficiency enables fast innovation, improved technology economics and increased competitiveness. The question is how do you transform a company with minimal risk to the existing business? How do you orchestrate your digital transformation to optimize employee, partner and customer value and extract maximum value from applications and data?

CIOs have a new mandate

CIOs have a new mandate. They must lead the charge and transform their organizations into software companies. Thy must operate their datacenters like modern day factories, managed like a unified economic system across IT, facilities and operations with both increased output and continuous economic improvements.

If they pull this off, CIOs can transform IT from a cost center into a business enabler.

The rise of shadow IT

Yet today CIOs lack appropriate datacenter design and IT operations tools to help them with the transformation. They are constrained by hardware-defined infrastructure that forces trade-offs between speed, security and risk.

Slow IT responsiveness to user needs has resulted in shadow IT, and this undermines the role of IT as a strategic asset. A lack of control and governance in the face of rising cyberthreats also increases the risk of non-compliant systems and makes the organization more vulnerable.

Transform IT with software-defined infrastructure


These challenges can only be addressed with a fundamentally different approach to datacenters. Software-defined infrastructure provides the foundation for digital transformation. It delivers the flexibility, scale and speed required in the digital era and allows datacenter operators to be more responsive to application and business needs. And ultimately, it enables IT to become a strategic asset to the business.

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Smita Deshpande

Smita is on the Ericsson Cloud Marketing team and leads Product Marketing for Developer Platforms. Prior to Ericsson, Smita worked at VMware where she led Technical Partner Product Marketing for NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform.

Smita Deshpande