In a conversation with Rick Ramsey, Jason Hoffman,  the Head of Product Area Cloud Systems, talks about how Ericsson is one of the bookends at the edge of cloud infrastructure. “This is part of what attracted me to come to Ericsson: on the mobile network side, there's a very automated, event- and algorithmically-driven infrastructure – it's a gigantic global machine. That’s what Ericsson builds.”

The other bookend of data industrialization

The other bookend is the Super 7 – the Amazons, Microsofts, Googles, and Facebooks of the world, “whose computing needs are such an integral part of their business operations that they have turned to building their own equipment...” (Forbes)

What about the infrastructure in the middle?

But, as Jason explains, there’s something missing: “Now you look at all the infrastructure in the middle, and what connects all of these things in there. The infrastructure in the middle has not been industrialized at all. Someone still needs to do that. So which of these bookends is going to move in and take the middle? Someone like a Google could move all the way to the edge and work with Ericsson on on radio. Or Ericsson could move all the way up, and help operators industrialize that aspect of the infrastructure.”

“Because, looking at the next layer up from that mobile edge, our current customers have tens of thousands of sites encompassing 10 percent of the annual storage market, 10 percent of the networking market, using probably every chip that's ever existed, every operating system that's ever existed. With languages and applications that go back 30 years. It's sort of the Computer History Museum of infrastructure.”

“It's fair to say that [what operators have] is not an industrialized standardized infrastructure the way an Amazon, Google, or Facebook does it. Nor is It an industrialized standardized infrastructure like we do with the radio edge.”



Working on the space between the bookends

Ericsson is already working on that space between the bookends:

The transformation we've been having to do at Ericsson is a lot more like the transformation that Amazon, Google, and Facebook have had to do than what a typical IT vendor would be doing.”the-wisdom-of-clouds-1180.jpg

To explore Jason's thoughts in more depth - particularly on the need to move from a technology focus to a focus on platforms - check out his article in Ericsson Business Review titled:  The Wisdom of Clouds.

Download the article by Jason Hoffman

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