The need for the scalability and efficiency of cloud computing has never been greater in the comms service provider space. Increasing demand for connectivity, real-time data, network efficiency and on-demand service delivery is driving new requirements for cloud infrastructure. 

An example of a hyperscale cloud architecture for comms service provider requirements is the Ericsson Cloud System, based on Intel® Rack Scale Architecture (Intel® RSA). Ericsson Cloud System, unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015, is a highly scalable solution for cloud infrastructure that addresses today’s challenges with integrity, governance, and automation.


Ericsson Cloud System incorporates a new generation of data center hardware, in the form of the Ericsson HDS 8000 server. The server is built on a modular architecture with optical interconnects and disaggregated compute, storage, and networking components. This design enables better utilization of the resources and better alignment with today’s technology lifecycles. Components can be easily swapped out as technologies change.

The benefits

These benefits are at the heart of Intel RSA, a logical architecture that enables the pooling of compute, storage, and network resources. The core of the RSA architecture is a range of compute, fabric, storage and management modules that work together to enable our customers to build a wide range of logical systems.

Take a closer look at Intel RSA: Under the Hood of Intel® Rack Scale Architecture

An important component of cloud computing is the efficient scheduling of workloads. By pooling hardware resources in the Ericsson Cloud System, telecom operators can increase overall compute density, utilization, and network bandwidth. This architecture for resource sharing also delivers dramatic reductions in power and cabling.

The combination of disaggregated hardware and advanced infrastructure management software gives telecom operators the ability to assign resources based on workload requirements. This advance can lead to significant savings in capital and operational expenses.


For years, Ericsson and Intel have worked together across a number of technology areas. Today, we are building on that relationship by collaborating on the development of innovative solutions like the Ericsson Cloud System and Ericsson HDS 8000 server. You can expect more of the same in the years to come.

For a deeper dive, explore Ericsson HDS 8000 and Intel RSA.

Jason Waxman is the general manager of the Intel Cloud Platforms Group.

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