How can we provide provide verifiable trust in IoT data for the industrial internet?   Read use cases on IoT and digital asset storage that illustrate the strengths of the new Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity for the GE PREDIX platform

The top seven digital companies share several common characteristics. But perhaps the most notable is their success in extracting maximum value from their data.

In the digital world, data sources are infinitely more extensive with mobility applications, social media, backend ERP systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and increasingly the Internet of Things (IoT) - or in other words, machines - all contributing to the data pool. Immense business value is derived from the analysis, curation and redistribution of this data within organizations and across clouds.

The use of data to enable better business decisions and increase customer intelligence has set a high bar for data protection.

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Most data breaches come from inside

Today’s security threats are multi-dimensional. Perimeter-centric security solutions were designed to protect threats from outside the network. They focused on confidentiality and access control but have proved inefficient for threats inside the network, where most data breaches occur.

Modern day attacks exploit weak security controls inside the network perimeter, often entering in legitimate ways, but lying undetected before exfiltrating the data they need. Digital supply chains typical in IoT applications have multiple entry points that broaden the attack surface (more network ports are opened), and data from diverse, often unauthenticated sources, results in additional risks.

Contain data breaches with data integrity

High profile breaches continue, including Sony, Anthem and Target, among
 others, and more recently, Dropbox and Yahoo, where hackers remained undetected for years. However IoT devices like wind turbines, medical devices Blockchain-ebook-Ericsson-hyperscale-cloud-data-integrity-driverless-cars.pngand self-driving cars raise the severity of data breaches to an entirely different level.

For these applications, compromised data can lead to serious outcomes ranging from extensive utility outages that directly impact very large numbers of people to potential loss of life.

Yet, the havoc wreaked by data breaches can be contained by extending security solutions to include data integrity for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data over its lifecycle.

Securing the industrial internet

GE Digital coined the term industrial internet with the intent of providing a cloud-scale foundation for handling large data sets. It created PREDIX, a purpose-built platform for developing industrial internet applications to operate on data at scale. 

GE’s objective was to connect industrial appliances and capture and analyze data from these devices. This data can then be converted into actionable insights that will allow GE and its customers to optimize its equipment and associated operational efficiencies.  

Introducing Ericsson's Blockchain Data Integrity Assurance Service

The supply chain in this industrial internet environment encompasses interconnections, devices, and data, significantly increasing the risk of compromised data and the consequent damage.  

Ericsson has partnered with GE Digital to address this issue.  Ericsson’s Blockchain Data Integrity, offered as a micro-service, provides data integrity, auditability and compliance for GE PREDIX customers, developers and business users across the entire software supply chain.

Keyless Signature Infrastructure

Ericsson’s Data Integrity Assurance Service is designed to ensure blockchain data protection for PREDIX applications.  The service uses KSI™ (Keyless Signature Infrastructure) for automatically generating and verifying tamperproof, irreversible signatures based on technology invented by Guardtime™, a gold standard for data integrity services.

KSI is backed by blockchain, an open protocol for transparent and auditable digital transactions.   Every transaction is publicly recorded, synchronized and replicated with clear provenance information.  You can learn more about this in our e-book on blockchain and data integrity.

The Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity Assurance Service provides near real-time protection of the entire software supply chain including data, system configurations and firmware.

The service – delivered through a RESTful API – is massively scalable and portable across geographies and organizational boundaries. It also enables continuous monitoring and tamper-detection as well as delivering 99.9 percent availability.

Use cases on the GE PREDIX platform

The Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity micro-service provides assurance that data has not been tampered with or corrupted across the complete information chain. It provides end-to-end integrity for provenance and chain of custody of all digital assets including PREDIX connected devices, data analytics applications hosted on the PREDIX platform and the output of the analytics application.

The service can be leveraged for monitoring integrity and confidentiality breaches across a broad spectrum of industry use cases. For example, on the PREDIX platform it can be used as follows:

Digital asset storage

Our new service provides data integrity for PREDIX input data as it is forwarded for processing to an analytics application.  PREDIX input data is signed and then continuously monitored and verified at intervals specified by the business.  

This provides business, regulatory and audit assurances both that data input to the analytics engine has not been altered and that the output, whether in the form of a report or new machine configuration, can be signed and verified by the same PREDIX service.

IoT digital assets

In addition to data from the IoT devices being signed, the configuration data of IoT devices is also signed and verified to ensure the integrity of the complete software supply chain.  

The Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity service monitors and verifies firmware, configuration files, software packages and network configurations for securing the entire installation, and provides assurance that no crucial software or settings have been tampered with. This assurance is critical for regulatory audits and for resolving warranty claims.

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Smita Deshpande

Smita is on the Ericsson Cloud Marketing team and leads Product Marketing for Developer Platforms. Prior to Ericsson, Smita worked at VMware where she led Technical Partner Product Marketing for NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform.

Smita Deshpande