Smita Deshpande

Smita is on the Ericsson Cloud Marketing team and leads Product Marketing for Developer Platforms. Prior to Ericsson, Smita worked at VMware where she led Technical Partner Product Marketing for NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform.

Smita Deshpande

Enabling new cloud applications and architectures

Apcera is a policy-driven, next-generation platform as a service (PaaS) and container management platform that allows IT teams to deploy, orchestrate, and govern containers as well as legacy and cloud-native workloads across any infrastructure ⎯ public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or bare metal ⎯ with the highest levels of security and trust.

Secure IoT communication

The Internet of Things (IoT) is key to digital transformation. The reality is that implementing granular real-time instrumentation enables process and situational intelligence to be exchanged for timely, informed, distributed decision making, which provides broad enterprise and consumer value.

The defining characteristic of IoT is the convergence of IT, operational technology (OT), and telecommunication systems, and the integration of diverse industries. In effect, IoT represents a digital deployment model that spans physical infrastructure, software, applications, productivity tools, people, processes, and intelligent workflows with relevant data being the currency that drives monetization.