Michael Bennett Cohn

Michael Bennett Cohn was head of digital product and revenue operations at Condé Nast, where he created the company's first dynamic system for digital audience cross-pollination. At a traditional boutique ad agency, he founded and ran the digital media buying team, during which time he planned and executed the digital ad campaign that launched the first Amazon Kindle. At Federated Media, where he was the first head of east coast operations, he developed and managed conversational marketing campaigns for top clients including Dell, American Express, and Kraft. He also has a master's degree in cinema-television from the University of Southern California. He lives in Brooklyn.

Michael Bennett Cohn

Is your datacenter a profit center?

Hyperscale allows you to transform your datacenter from a cost center to a profit center. The original data giants turned an outward focus on platforms and free services into an inward focus on datacenter efficiency, in comparison with most datacenters today, which might as well have hay on the floor and chickens running around, according to cloud pioneer Jason Hoffman.

How datacenter efficiency drives digital transformation 

How can you use technology and infrastructure to make money? Cloud pioneer Jason Hoffman, currently Ericsson’s Head of Product Area, Cloud Infrastructure, talks about how data giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon are following the same path as car manufacturers in the early 20th century, moving from efficiency to customized services. 

Manage datacenters efficiently with Intel® Rack Scale Design

When you upgrade your datacenter, how much do you throw away? You shouldn't have to discard everything just to replace a single type of component. Intel® Rack Scale Design solves this problem by breaking components down into resource pools that can be replaced separately from each other.

Datacenter elasticity is like playing with flexible toy bricks

Software-defined infastructure can be like playing with Lego bricks. But what if the bricks could bend? What if your datacenter was more elastic?  Both are possible.

Ensure data integrity with blockchain

How do we achieve a world of data integrity? It's not just about the accuracy of the data but about guaranteeing that the data has not been modified—whether by accident or deliberately. Blockchain technology enables this level of data integrity.

Haven't embraced NFV yet? It's time.

Telcos that haven't embraced NFV need to take advantage of its flexibility to use existing hardware in either a native or virtualized way.  Susan James, Head of Product Line, NFV Infrastructure, explains the opportunities and challenges around NFV and how the latest release of OPNFV shows that the process can be considered sanitized.

NFV and how it increases speed, agility and efficiency

Watch Susan James, Ericsson’s Head of Product Line, NFV Infrastructure, explain the benefits of NFV in a new video, including agreements earlier this year with Telstra and Swisscom.

Want to stay competitive? Embrace the industrial IoT

CIOs need to embrace the industrial Internet of Things. The most conservative transformation strategy possible - waiting it out - is not a viable option. Below, concrete examples of how IoT- and cloud-based businesses will blow away the competition.