Martin Körling

Martin Körling manages cloud product strategy at Ericsson, in Stockholm, Sweden. Previously, Martin spent several years in Silicon Valley, leading product and research efforts at the Palo Alto AT&T Foundry, among other locations. He's also an innovator in the areas of cloud platform and network slicing. Martin has a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Martin Körling

Why new apps boost the need for Distributed Cloud Infrastructure

New, industrial grade, data-intensive applications create the need for a new, more decentralized infrastructure. This infrastructure will cater to the evolution of NFV as it comes to be deployed on all types of network sites. It must also provide new value to support application use cases.

Why AWS and Ericsson will revolutionize cloud services

There is a fantastic opportunity right now to bring a new wave of applications and data – such as the IoT and big data analytics – onto the cloud. But achieving this calls for a combination of cloud services and their speed and economies-of-scale, and the local market presence and trusted infrastructure of service providers such as telecom operators.