Jason Hoffman

Jason Hoffman is the Head of Product Area Cloud Systems at Ericsson. Previously he was the Head of Cloud Technologies where he's responsible for product, architecture and engineering and prior to that Head of Product Line, Ericsson Cloud System and Platforms in the former Business Unit Cloud and IP. Prior to that he was a founder and the CTO at Joyent, a pioneering high performance cloud IaaS and software provider, where he ran product, engineering, operations and commercial management for nearly a decade. He is considered to be one the pioneers of large scale cloud computing, in particular the use of container technologies, asynchronous, high concurrency runtimes and converged server, storage and networking systems. Jason is also an angel investor, strategy and execution advisor, venture and private equity advisor and on the boards of the Wordpress Foundation and New Context, a Digital Garage company. Jason has a BS and MS from UCLA and a PhD from UCSD. He is a San Francisco native that now lives in Stockholm with his wife and daughters.

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Do you have the willpower for cloud transformation?

It's time to face up to some truths about cloud from an organizational perspective. Today, many businesses – both vendors and enterprises – are attempting cloud for the second or third time (in some cases, it’s even more). And there’s a growing realization that cloud is much more than a technology or architecture question – it comes down to organization and often just plain old willpower.

Why platforms are the future of cloud computing

How do you spot a platform? It's easy - it’s when you give away one thing while getting paid (and making sure others get paid) for a second thing. Facebook is a platform, since it offers free social media, gets paid for ads, and makes sure other people get paid through ads.

And in the cloud industry, we have a lot to learn from them.

Telecom tools are best for hyperscale applications

The arrival of cloud—as the final convergence of network, compute, and data—is a landmark event in the history of ICT. That’s a given. But major questions around its operational and automation domains—and particularly around its governance domains—means that cloud is far from a done deal. And anybody who says otherwise is, quite frankly, fooling themselves.

Do you know the secret to data security in cloud?

If you heard many of my conversations with people in ICT about cloud, you might find it hard to believe that we are, in fact, only at the very beginning of the cloud age, with all the uncertainties, complications, and opportunities that would entail.