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See why a 5G car is like the datacenter of tomorrow

See how a 5G remote controlled car demo can evoke the same principle as datacenter automation, which is going to spur a re-examination of datacenter design paradigms and the future of digitial transformation. Check out videos of both the 5G demo from Mobile World Congress and of our Jason Hoffman giving his insight on the datacenter of tomorrow.

You need to see tomorrow's cloud infrastructure today at Mobile World Congress

You really wish you were at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona right now – and so do I! Because we'd get to see in action Ericsson’s Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI) display, a prototype for the datacenters of the future. If you are there, you can watch the robotic arm move, hear the sounds it makes, and discuss it with my friend and colleague Seamus Keane – he's probably standing right there in front of it.

Why Ericsson is one of the bookends of cloud infrastructure

In a conversation with Rick Ramsey, Jason Hoffman,  the Head of Product Area Cloud Systems, talks about how Ericsson is one of the bookends at the edge of cloud infrastructure. “This is part of what attracted me to come to Ericsson: on the mobile network side, there's a very automated, event- and algorithmically-driven infrastructure – it's a gigantic global machine. That’s what Ericsson builds.”

What are the best business models for the IoT and big data?

The impact of big data on datacenter infrastructure will be of a scale that is hard to imagine today. The current infrastructure of datacenters was built to handle smaller workloads, based on simple, human-machine interactions. As industry moves forward with big data, it will require an infrastructure that's at least as cost-effective as the current one, but much more efficient.

MWC 2015: Jason Hoffman comparing error-free, five nine and web scale cloud reliability

At Mobile World Congress in March, RCR Wireless News sat down with Jason Hoffman, Head of Product Area Ericsson Cloud Systems, Business Unit Cloud & IP, for some Q&A on the Ericsson cloud.

MWC 2015: hyperscale cloud platforms go mainstream

At Mobile World Congress in March, RCR Wireless News sat down with Jason Hoffman for some Q&A on the Ericsson cloud.

Ericsson’s cloud & IP vision

In this interview with Light Reading at Mobile World Congress 2015, Ericsson’s Head of Business Unit Cloud and IP, Anders Lindblad, talks about the company’s latest data center technology advances and discusses the future of cloud architectures, telecom data center strategies, the future of IP, a new vision for executing workloads and more.

Jason Hoffman interviewed at the Ericsson Business Innovation Forum 2014

At Ericsson’s Business Innovation Forum this year, Jason Hoffman, Head of Product Area Ericsson Cloud Systems, Business Unit Cloud & IP, was interviewed by RCR Wireless News: