The PC era ran for over 25 years from 1985 through 2010. In that time the vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home” came to pass. There is some debate about exactly how to define the post-PC era. Is it primarily mobile or cloud?

Mobile devices have replaced PCs as the primary computing platform for the world, and they are in everyone’s hands, not just on their desks. But we have also seen the arrival of cloud as the model for delivering computing capabilities to both fixed and mobile devices.

Both these shifts have been enabled by huge advances in connectivity, with high speed fixed and mobile broadband coverage now available to most of the world.

These combined elements – mobility, broadband and the cloud – are now driving a massive transformation for both users and enterprises. This is what we mean when we talk of digital industrialization.Within enterprises IT is changing from a support function, one that places limits on the business, to a catalyst. This allows the business to move as fast as possible, respond to user needs and desires, gather information and learn from analyzing that data, and adopt innovative technologies in ways that provide an edge for delighting customers.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year we made a number of announcements about how to help enterprises and service providers accelerate their digital industrialization transformation.

These covered:

  • the Ericsson Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 family
  • a global alliance with cloud pioneer Amazon Web Services
  • a strategic partnership with Quanta Computer
  • joining the Open Compute Project as a platinum member

You can hear me talk about these announcements and their context in the post-PC era during a recent webinar:

Hyperscale now webinar on demand


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Seamus Keane

Seamus started his professional career manufacturing skincare cream, but rapidly moved on to working in IT development, project delivery, consulting, and strategy development for communications and high tech industries around the globe. He has been working on Cloud technology for Ericsson for the last four years. He is amazed every day by how much fun it has been.

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