It’s time to start thinking differently about cloud. Watch this brief screencast to learn what a modern cloud platform looks like – and how operators and enterprises can get started today:

 In today’s Networked Society, software is emerging as the primary way for global enterprises to engage with their customers. Software, cloud, mobile and connected devices are converging to disrupt industries and enable innovation. The ability to capitalize on these new opportunities as they arise is rapidly becoming a competitive differentiator for new business growth.

Speed in software innovation is critical in order for enterprises to remain competitive. This need for speed is accelerating the adoption of cloud amongst enterprises, providing the ability to deliver the greater immediacy that customers now demand, while also realizing the new economies of cloud.

Hybrid cloud is being positioned as the way for enterprises to balance the desire to go ‘all in with cloud’ with the need to manage complexity and risk, while also meeting the needs of diverse applications (workloads). Industry analysts are unanimous that we are entering an era where hybrid cloud will mature and become the dominant cloud strategy for large enterprises.

But as the move to hybrid cloud accelerates and the underlying technologies change, the shortcomings and complexities of traditional infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and container based solutions are starting to affect the ability for large global enterprise to innovate at the speed needed to be competitive.

A new approach is required to solve the enterprise need for speed without risk.  It’s time for a modern cloud platform.

Watch the screencast.

To continue learning, watch the following live demonstration: Apcera & Ericsson: Bringing Openstack to the Hybrid Cloud

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