It's end of year list time. So let's check out what ten posts grabbed the most attention in year one of the Hyperscale Cloud blog. And let us know what you want to see in 2017!

In honor of New Year's, we'll count down in reverse order:

10.  Why Bruce is right — and what industrialized blockchains can solve!Blockchain-ebook-Ericsson-cloud-hyperscale-blog-data-integrity-security.png

We need supply-chain integrity to overcome insider threats in the connected digital world . Our "digital immune system" might turn out to be blockchain.


9.  Why platforms are the future of cloud computingEricsson-hyperscale-cloud-platform-Jason-Hoffman.jpg

The cloud conversation has largely been focused on technology - things like governance and automation - but now we need to start talking about platforms.


8.  3 reasons to embrace a multi-cloud strategyApcera_cloud_Ericsson_multiCloud03.png

In terms of cloud strategies, multi-cloud configuration was the preferred deployment for enterprises already in January 2015. We don't see the future being different. 


7.  Why you need to rethink the datacenter with hyperscale160523-wp-hyperscale-750x430-1.png

We must embrace the opportunity of hyperscale, going past the limits of hardware-defined infrastructure and moving towards software-defined infrastructure.


6.  How software-defined infrastructure will drive hyperscale and lower TCOEricsson-hyperscale-cloud-blog-city-aerial-night.jpg

Software-defined infrastructure implements hardware disaggregation with the nimbleness to adapt infrastructure to business needs in real time.


 5.  How to increase your agility while reducing datacenter costsEricsson_Cloud_datacenter_operations_TCO_Impact.jpg

I was talking with a CIO about datacenter operations, and he said “I used to have to do more with less but now I have to do everything with nothing.” 


4.  What happens when trust is lost?Blockchain-ebook-data-centric-security-Ericsson-hyperscale-cloud2.png

In our e-book on blockchain technology and integrity assurance, explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) needs trust to be successful.



3.  The seven stages of digital transformationEricsson_Cloud_blog_ADA_Digital_Transformation.png

Industry-leading enterprises are the ones who recognize, empower, and deeply integrate their developers into every facet of the business.




2.  What is Intel® Rack Scale Design and why did Intel open-source it?ericsson-cloud-blog-Hyperscale-Datacenter-System-8000-rack-infrastructure.jpg

Intel just open-sourced Intel® Rack Scale Design, which pools compute, storage, and network resources for a lean, agile datacenter infrastructure.


1.  Why AWS and Ericsson will revolutionize cloud servicesEricsson-hyperscale-blog-IT-Laser-Beams-Concert-3.jpg

To bring a new wave of applications and data onto the cloud requires both cloud services and service providers’ local presence and trusted infrastructure.



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Nathan Hegedus