4 things you need to know about your IT infrastructure strategy

The default choice for IT departments is to stick with their existing infrastructure. They don't want to make any fundamental changes in passive infrastructure, human resources, real estate resources, and operational models. But what was great in the past is not good enough now.

6 reasons you need to worry about Model-(I)T infrastructure

IT infrastructure has rarely been a concern for CEOs. But the situation is changing as companies accelerate their digital transformation journey. Today it is relevant for CEOs to look at the direction taken for infrastructure technology in order to carry the load of their digital transformation.

What are the best business models for the IoT and big data?

The impact of big data on datacenter infrastructure will be of a scale that is hard to imagine today. The current infrastructure of datacenters was built to handle smaller workloads, based on simple, human-machine interactions. As industry moves forward with big data, it will require an infrastructure that's at least as cost-effective as the current one, but much more efficient.

Why you need to fight shadow IT to master the digital economy

Historically, in every economic system, it’s been easy to tell who the boss is. They are the one who controls the resources. The pharaoh controlled the granaries, the noble controlled the land where the serfs toiled, and the industrialist owned the machines clanking away in the 19th-century factory.

How to ensure data integrity in the industrial internet

Watch a brief demonstration of infrastructure technology developed for industrial applications. It enables developers to route, process, and filter data in a distributed environment. The demo features distributed execution of data collection pipelines and using blockchain we further demonstrate our ability to ensure sensor data integrity at the edge, verification of data provenance and end to end auditability of pipeline activities.

How to escape the vicious cycle of lifecycle maintenance

With servers in a datacenter, the cost of unnecessarily replacing all equipment when you only need to replace one component becomes unwieldy. But with software-defined infrastructure, physical components can be upgraded as needed.

How to make the Death Star indestructible with hyperscale

As the present looks more like the future, Star Wars looks more like the past. What it needs is to embrace platforms, blockchain and software-defined infrastructure, among other cloud technologies. [WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT]

Why Westworld's vision of the future needs more cloud

Do the writers of Westworld, HBO's hit sci-fi TV show, take into consideration all the changes that the world of technology is currently going through, for example, the cloud, industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), software-defined infrastructure, and data-centric security? Well, yes and no. Let’s discuss.