How to move forward with high-temperature datacenters

I spoke about problems and solutions surrounding hardware for high-temperature datacenters at the recent Open Compute Project Summit in Santa Clara, California. Here are some of the topics I covered, from use cases to high temperature site building blocks to planned OCP design contributions: 

This is what vPODs do to make you lean and agile

Learn how elastic vPODs - part of our implementation of software-defined infrastructure based on Intel® Rack Scale Design - can make your bimodal architecture both agile and lean.

IKEA didn't change furniture. It changed how furniture was put together.

Traditional IT is at the beginning of its end, and next-generation digital transformation requires the destruction of existing entropy. This is not unique to technology, as IKEA as proven. Get insight in how to disrupt your traditional market and break out from the "it´s always been done that way" mindset.

See why a 5G car is like the datacenter of tomorrow

See how a 5G remote controlled car demo can evoke the same principle as datacenter automation, which is going to spur a re-examination of datacenter design paradigms and the future of digitial transformation. Check out videos of both the 5G demo from Mobile World Congress and of our Jason Hoffman giving his insight on the datacenter of tomorrow.

How to save the Oscars with blockchain technology

The chaos around the mistaken announcement of La La Land as winner of Best Picture will surely make the 2017 Oscars go down as one of the most embarrassing events in the history of the Academy. Let's examine whether the problem could have been prevented using a blockchain - a distributed database that can contain encrypted data and code.

See how cloud technology can support refugee camp schools

In early 2016, in partnership with the telecom operator Asiacell and the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we launched the Connect To Learn educational platform in the Domiz refugee camp in northern Iraq, providing directly quality education to thousands of refugee children.

Why does telecom need cloud?

So you’re a successful telecom provider. Maybe you’re global, but most likely, you dominate one particular region. And now you want to become a cloud services provider. How do you know you have the right tools?

Do you know how to protect your high temperature datacenter?

New, industrial grade, data-intensive applications create the need for a new, more decentralized infrastructure. This infrastructure must cater to the evolution of NFV as it comes to be deployed on all types of network sites. It must also provide new value to support application use cases.