CIOs must lead digital transformation for their companies

No one doubts the benefits of digital transformation. Cloud giants have overwhelmingly proven that digital proficiency enables fast innovation, improved technology economics and increased competitiveness. The question is how do you transform a company with minimal risk to the existing business? How do you orchestrate your digital transformation to optimize employee, partner and customer value and extract maximum value from applications and data?

What is hyperscale and why is it so important to enterprises?

Hyperscale is a set of concepts and practices that have emerged among a set of players in terms of what is necessary to scale to hundreds of millions – maybe even billions – of users.

Is your datacenter a profit center?

Hyperscale allows you to transform your datacenter from a cost center to a profit center. The original data giants turned an outward focus on platforms and free services into an inward focus on datacenter efficiency, in comparison with most datacenters today, which might as well have hay on the floor and chickens running around, according to cloud pioneer Jason Hoffman.

When 1+1 used to be 3(G)

This year Ericsson is attending Amazon re:Invent for the first time. Before I share some of my reflections from the event, I would like to look back for a bit.

Don’t turn your back on legacy applications

In this post from ApceraChief Strategy Officer Mark Thiele talks about why you need a platform designed from the ground up to deploy, orchestrate and govern containers and legacy applications across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

How datacenter efficiency drives digital transformation 

How can you use technology and infrastructure to make money? Cloud pioneer Jason Hoffman, currently Ericsson’s Head of Product Area, Cloud Infrastructure, talks about how data giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon are following the same path as car manufacturers in the early 20th century, moving from efficiency to customized services. 

Manage datacenters efficiently with Intel® Rack Scale Design

When you upgrade your datacenter, how much do you throw away? You shouldn't have to discard everything just to replace a single type of component. Intel® Rack Scale Design solves this problem by breaking components down into resource pools that can be replaced separately from each other.

The evolution of application design and architecture

Apcera’s next generation PaaS and Cloud Management platform for policy-driven workload lifecycle management addresses the needs of both developers and IT operators. In these videos, Josh Ellithorpe, Apcera’s lead developer, shares modern application design principles and discusses the properties of new developer platforms: